Feature | Dec 28 2015

What does Amir Khan do every day to try to emulate Muhammad Ali?

The weirdest and most wonderful responses to our 60-second interview questions, from the likes of Amir Khan and Jean Pascal
Amir Khan
4609205  |  Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

Best attribute as a boxer?
I’m a lucky man because I was born with iron in my fists.
Move over Robert Downey Jnr. KIKO MARTINEZ is in town.

Something not many people know about you?
No one knows that I’ve killed someone in the past… Only kidding!
ROBERT BERRIDGE had us worried for a second.

Worst rumour about yourself?
When I was an amateur, some people used to say that my cousin, Oscar [De La Hoya], was paying the judges off so I could win my fights!
DIEGO DE LA HOYA has friends in high places, but he’s not a cheater.