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Over the past 25 weeks, Sheffield Hallam University have delivered a world class program to 20 local amateurs taking part in the Yorkshire Boxing Sport Science program.

The program consisted of 2 training sessions per week involving strength, movement and sprint training as well as gruelling conditioning using treadmills, circuits and the infamous ‘curve’ machine.


We improved the fitness of the boxers using high intensity interval training and circuits.

The Yorkshire hopefuls used ‘the curve’ to perform maximal effort sprint intervals with an extended rest. The longer rest intervals are put in place as the aim of this training phase is to exercise as hard and as fast as possible.

Circuits can challenge the ability to perform a variety of multi-joint movements under fatigue, which is quite relevant to most sports. Furthermore, we put in circuits as it provides training variation for boxers experiencing high volumes of very similar training types, this will help improve performance and reduce injury.

Results include improved aerobic capacity and higher running speeds – one of the impressive results was from Tommy Frank who improved his maximal running speed 3 km/h!


The strength and conditioning program consisted of multiple stages of learning foundational movements progressing towards full compound lifts. Most boxers started to use exercises such as barbell box squat and sumo deadlift allows an athlete to perform squat and hinge patterns with an increased weight load whilst still learning the technique. Also, a range of core and boxing specific exercises helped boxers transfer strength gains into a more explosive punch.

Results include some of the boxers improving as much as 11% in jump height, and punches reaching up to speeds of 23.5 km/h!


On the launch night in May, we wanted to create a great learning experience for coaches and boxers, using informative presentations and practical workshops. We used this opportunity to give them an insight to what the program had to offer. We provided boxers with a home running program, helping them understand how to manage their own program.

Each session, we took time to educate the boxers on strength and conditioning training principles to further athletes’ knowledge and understanding.


The old saying “Hard work pays off” can certainly be applied for the Yorkshire boxing program, with the boxers transferring their gym work to great results in the ring. We have had impressive wins on club shows, 5 Yorkshire champions, National semi-finalist and Junior Development finalist.

The stand out achievement was from Harris Akbar, who won a Gold medal at the Youth Commonwealth games.

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