1. You’ve said you “followed your brother into the gym”. To what extent has his career inspired you?
    Daniel has inspired in many ways, probably without even knowing it, seeing him train every day with no complaining and his total, “just get on with it” attitude, has kept me grounded and aware that hard work makes champions. And this way continues to inspire me to keep working hard and not allow anything to stop you.
  2. Who else has inspired you to push yourself in boxing?
    My family and everyone close to me, because I am not just training for myself but for them as well. They work so hard for me and I would hate to disappoint them and that is what keep me motivated and training hard.
  3. What’s the proudest moment of your career so far?
    Winning the World championships, because It was the hardest tournament I’ve been to. I had to fight five times in seven days it was very mentally trying because I had the most fights out of everyone.
    It was difficult fighting with everyone, then having to fight again by myself whilst everyone else was resting. And I am very happy that I won and pushed through it also because it was the first time my dad has come out to watch me in an international tournament and I was so happy I came away with gold with him watching. I had trained so hard, so very pleased when it paid off.
  4. “I am tempted to call Caroline Dubois the best female boxer I have seen.” So said Mike Costello, while Steve Bunce said you might be “the best female athlete in the world” at your age group. How does it feel to receive such high praise from some of the sport’s foremost journalists?
    It feels amazing and I feel proud that someone with his expertise has noticed me and as regarded me as so. And just hope that I can keep on impressing people like him.
  5. Who are your favourite boxers to watch?
    Claressa Shields, Terence Crawford and Katie Taylor
  6. Do you enjoy watching any other sports?
    Yes, athletics and tennis.
  7. How will you, or how are you, preparing for Tokyo 2020?
    I hope to win the Europeans then get on the elite GB squad , continually I have been training hard throughout the year.
  8. How does the idea of competing at the Tokyo Olympics make you feel?
    It feels surreal really because it is something of anyone wildest dreams, even though I would say I am training and getting ready for the Olympics, it gives me goosebumps to actually think of being in the Olympic ring in an atmosphere as electric and exciting as the atmosphere at the 2012 Olympics is just really exciting.
  9. How much do you want to achieve in amateur boxing before turning professional?
    I would like to win an Olympic gold medal before turning over and remain undefeated.
  10. Do you see yourself reaching similarly impressive heights in professional boxing?
    Absolutely, the way women’s boxing is going. I know I can do big things. I want to be a world champion as a pro and create a big name for myself. And I know I’m talented and skilful enough it’s just a matter of patience and doing what is right for me.