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10 Julian Jackson knockouts to watch before you die

Julian Jackson
Julian ‘The Hawk’ Jackson, a world champion at two weights, is arguably the hardest puncher in boxing history, and these are 10 of his best knockouts

1. Terry Norris

In round two of a 1989 defence of his WBA super-welterweight title, Jackson trapped Norris on the ropes and froze him with him a sickening right hand. The damage was already done, of course, but follow-up left and right hooks sent Norris to the canvas on his face.

2. Buster Drayton

Though Drayton had both gloves by his face at the time, a Jackson hook was thrown with such ferocity that it still connected on his forehead and forced him to spiral backwards. As he did so, Jackson, the WBA super-welterweight king, followed Drayton’s path with his right glove, pointing towards the spot on the canvas where Drayton was destined to end up.

3. Herol Graham

In 1990, Jackson moved to middleweight to compete for the vacant WBC title against England’s Graham in Spain. Despite a tricky opening few rounds, ‘The Hawk’ detonated a wild right hand off the back foot to end Graham’s dreams – and the fight – in the fourth.

Jackson nails Graham in a WBC middleweight title fight

4. Dennis Milton

In the first defence of his WBC middleweight crown, Jackson launched a right hand over the top which struck Milton’s ear and ended the fight in the very first round. Milton was left outstretched on his back, his arms instinctively reaching for the heavens.

5. Wayne Powell

As Powell swung a lazy left hook in the middle of the Caesars Palace ring, Jackson countered with a blind right hand thrown as he moved away. The shot left Powell out cold in the heat of June 1990.

6. Francisco Del Toro

Only brave men and fools tended to trade with Jackson and Del Toro, back in 1986, added his name to the list of those willing to take the risk. He took it to Jackson and paid the price in the form of a perfectly timed counter left hook landing flush on his jaw.

7. Francisco de Jesus

In a defence of his WBA super-welterweight title in 1989, Jackson watched de Jesus try to attack him from a crouch position and then fired a right hand to the top of his head. The punch folded de Jesus in half and left him a mess on the floor.

8. Ismael Negron

Jackson followed his first-round knockout of Dennis Milton at the Mirage Hotel & Casino with another first-round knockout at the same venue. This time the opponent was Negron and the finisher was a leaping left hook which caught the Puerto Rican challenger unawares.

9. Agostino Cardamone

After being dethroned by Gerald McClellan, Jackson regained his WBC middleweight title with a second-round knockout of the unbeaten Cardamone in 1995. He turned his right hook into an uppercut to give the Italian whiplash and leave him flat on his back.

10. Carlton Haywood

Haywood, little more than a trial horse for Jackson, never went down from the left hook Jackson landed in the first round but still it managed to rob him of his balance, his ambition and any sort of thought process and the referee was quick to rescue him.  

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