Opinion | Apr 20 2019

10 excuses to use if caught taking performance-enhancing drugs

As Jarrell Miller owns up to his mistake, Elliot Worsell takes a look at the excuses boxers have made for failing performance-enhancing drug tests

NICK CAVE had it right when he said people just ain’t no good. He said it was well understood. He said you see it everywhere you look.

In boxing, there’s an increasing sense many of the world’s best just ain’t no good and will, regardless of the fact they may once have entertained us, inevitably let us down.

With failed drug tests commonplace, and plenty of cheats getting away with it, we’re nowadays left with a sinking feeling and fresh scepticism whenever watching two boxers touch gloves on fight night and settle whatever it is they have to settle with their fists. We want to believe in them, we hope their handiwork is pure, but trust, unfortunately, is these days hard to come by.


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