Opinion | May 23 2018

Who will take over the welterweight division?

Who will fill the void left by Floyd Mayweather and take over as the ruler of the welterweight division? Aarron Morgan lists the five fights the sport and the division needs
Floyd Mayweather
Floyd-Mayweather  |  Esther Lin/Showtime

TO be the man, you don’t necessarily have to beat the man!

The welterweight division has for so long been boxing’s glamour division, beneath heavyweight. A tremendous blend of both blistering speed and bone crunching punching power has ensured a steady stream of classic material from the 147lbs weight class.

Up until his recent retirement Floyd “Money” Mayweather was the welterweight ruler. With his departure, a huge void has been left in the division, one which we excitedly wait to be filled. An old boxing idiom has always stated that “to BE the man you have to BEAT the man”. What happens when that is not actually possible however, can sometimes prove to be a lot more entertaining. In this very instance ‘the man’ is normally the last one standing after the dust has settled on some terrific contests. As fans of the sport we are in a privileged position right now. Just as is the case in a host of other weight classes, 147lbs is littered with an array of star studded talent all vying to be the “New Money”.