Opinion | May 21 2018

Who is Sefer Seferi?

John Dennen considers who is Sefer Seferi, the man who will fight Tyson Fury next
Tyson Fury who is Sefer Seferi
Tyson Fury  |  Action Images

SO indeed who is Sefer Seferi? Depending on how you look at it he’s the second best cruiserweight in Albania. Or the worst (of the two.) Both, according to BoxRec’s rankings are true, with Sefer coming second in Albania only to Nuri Seferi, his 41-year-old brother.

Sefer is also the man Tyson Fury will fight on June 9, at the Manchester Arena, for the former heavyweight champion of the world’s return to boxing. On paper it is undoubtedly a mismatch.

The most striking thing about Seferi is that he is indeed a cruiserweight. Although he’s boxed at heavyweight a couple of times in his career, his one and only fight of 2017 was at cruiser and when he boxed in March he was just 202½lbs. Fury is not just a heavyweight, he’s a huge heavyweight. Tyson is six foot nine inches tall. Seferi will be diminutive in comparison. He was far smaller than Manuel Charr, himself hardly an imposing heavyweight.


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