News | Jan 29 2018

Who is Phil Lo Greco?

Amir Khan will fight Phil Lo Greco on April 21 in Liverpool, England. But who is Phil Lo Greco? Elliot Worsell investigates
amir khan
amir-khan  |  Tom Hogan/Hogan Photos/Golden Boy

IT says something that an article titled ‘Who is Phil Lo Greco?’ begins with a Google search for ‘Who is Phil Lo Greco?’, but this is the world of the comeback opponent and needs must.

Heading up the results is a link to his Boxrec page, on which you will find details of Phil Lo Greco’s 28-3 professional boxing record as well as an image of the man in question – handsome, tanned, well-oiled, orthodox, seemingly plucked straight from a video game. He’s 33 years of age. He hails from Toronto, Canada. His nickname, by the way, is ‘The Italian Sensation’.

Come out of there, leave Boxrec, and you’ll discover all manner of other Lo Greco-related goodies. You’ll find, for instance, a Wikipedia page, admittedly short on information, as well as an official website with a homepage that informs its visitors the site is ‘currently under construction’. Fear not. For information regarding Phil Lo Greco, contact Gianfranco Lo Greco, presumably a relative, on the number and email address provided (alas, no time for that).