Opinion | Jan 07 2018

When fighters know they have slipped

John Scully on when fighters realise the end is beginning
Manny Pacquiao vs Jeff Horn
Boxing - Manny Pacquiao v Jeff Horn - WBO World Welterweight Title  |  Action Images/Reuters/Dave Hunt

I BELIEVE that the fighter is often the last one to realise they have slipped, but once it becomes apparent to them, it will be a situation where they notice it more and more, and on a daily basis.

They may have seen signs earlier on but brushed them off as something not to be worried about. A fighter will make an initial excuse, or find a reason as to why they can do better than they’re doing things at the moment. They will believe they can adjust their game plan or diet or training regime, and all – just like magic – will be solved.

But eventually those bad days just keep coming and coming and coming, and ultimately cause an ageing and weathered boxer to accept that things aren’t flowing the way they’re used to them flowing. And what’s more, the reasons are probably beyond their control.


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