News | Jun 19 2017

What next for Andre Ward

Andre Ward discusses his next move, writes John Dennen
Andre Ward
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THE IBF, WBA and WBO light-heavyweight champion Andre Ward has solidified his place at the top of his weight class with his victory in Saturday’s rematch with Sergey Kovalev.

Ward is not done yet. Though the 33-year-old is beginning to feel the weight of all his years in the sport. “I still love it. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it. It’s extremely hard and to be honest with you. [Virgil Hunter] doesn’t have to push me. Virg is there as my eyes and my ears. He sees what I can’t see. His job is to manage what I’m doing, tell me if I’m doing too much. He makes sure that I’m right on point. That’s his job. If I need him to push me at this stage of my career something’s wrong. His job is to pull me back, tell me to take a day off, ‘no we’re not going 12 rounds of sparring today, we’re going to go eight.’ That’s Virgil’s job and obviously the technical piece of it as well,” he said.

“I tell you what. As you get older, I still have the desire, I still have the  passion but I’m very, very aware that I’m punching my clock when I go to the gym. And when you’re in your early twenties you don’t think about it. You just go in there and you warm up for five minutes and that’s it. Now it takes me about 30 minutes to get ready. So I know I’m getting a little older. I feel like I have a lot in the tank.”


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