News | Mar 31 2017

What it feels like to beat David Haye

David Coldwell, the mastermind behind Tony Bellew's win over David Haye, reflects on a rollercoaster fortnight
david haye
dave-coldwell  |  Action Images/Ed Sykes

WITH the opening months of 2017 providing arguably the sternest examination of Dave Coldwell’s stellar training career, recent weeks have seen a somewhat normality return to the Sheffield mentor’s life with the aftermath of Gavin McDonnell’s and Tony Bellew’s mixed results. Coldwell was able to keep focus following the former’s agonising defeat against Rey Vargas to guide Bellew to an unlikely win the following week over huge favourite, David Haye, and after spending much needed time surrounded by family comforts, the elite trainer is ready to commit himself to the gym once again after reflecting on such a hectic period.

“It’s been a crazy few weeks,” said Coldwell with a lengthy exhale. “The Gavin loss hurt me and I take this sport so serious and so personal that when one of my guy loses its really hard to take. The next day, I watched the fight back and was really impressed with how he performed considering the massive leap he was taking but it’s now vital that he takes what he learnt from this fight and applies it the next time we get an opportunity of this size.

“We rolled the dice with Gavin but at the back of my mind there was always that reminder that he’s still learning in this sport and he had been fast tracked to world level. He performed great towards the backend of the fight but Rey Vargas is a class act and he’s capable of dominating in this sport for a long time. The performance gave me hope that Gavin can come again and when that time comes then this experience against Vargas will do him the world of good.”