October 9, 2014
October 9, 2014
Curtis Woodhouse

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DENNIS HOBSON has revealed that a potential showdown between Curtis Woodhouse and Scott Harrison could be a reality.

Woodhouse – the only man to have played in the Premier League and been a British boxing champion – and former world featherweight king Harrison have been exchanging barbs on Twitter, resulting in the Scot offering to settle the matter in a pub car park.

Now, with Curtis recently signing a managerial deal with Hobson after coming out of retirement, and Harrison looking to resurrect his once glittering career, the pair stepping into the ring isn’t beyond comprehension.

“Curtis is my kind of fighter,” explained Hobson.  “He talks outside the ropes but everyone knows he will back up that talk in the ring.

“We’re looking to get Curtis international recognition and Harrison would be a good scalp.  If Scott’s willing then I’m sure I could secure TV coverage because it would be an absolute war.”

Curtis’ response to the possibility of a future battle with Harrison was simply: “If Harrison wants it he can have it!”