Tyson Fury savages Deontay Wilder for Mike Tyson claim

Deontay Wilder
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Tyson Fury recalls his previous confrontation with Deontay Wilder and calls out the WBC heavyweight champion. Not that the fight is going to happen any time soon, writes John Dennen

TYSON FURY is no stranger to making outlandish claims of his own. Ahead of his straightforward comeback against Sefer Seferi earlier this month, he compared himself to some of the greatest fighters in history. But he was unimpressed with Deontay Wilder’s own boasts about Mike Tyson.

Fury issued a message to Wilder, the current WBC heavyweight champion. “I’ve seen another ridiculous statement from you Wilder, that you’ve got more fear factor than Mike Tyson had,” Fury said on social media. “You’re a dreamer you are, honestly. I’ve never seen a man dream so much in my life. I don’t know why you’re taking the great Mike Tyson’s name in vain and keep mentioning him when he’s not even in your era.”

But Fury continued, “However there is a Tyson in your era. And I’ll stop you inside five rounds, you bum.”

He went on to hurl insults at Wilder. “You big, lanky, skinner legged, dosser. You chinless bum. I’ll put my fist right through you. If you want to fight, come to the Mac Daddy, come see the ‘Gypsy King,’” he said.

“Any time, any place, anywhere. When I challenged you to your face and you s*** yourself in New York City, come on, let’s get it on. S***house. Stop mentioning Mike Tyson’s name.”

Deontay Wilder

Fury is throwing out the challenges, particularly for Wilder at present. Tyson is due to box again on August 18 at Windsor Park, but it’s certain to be a low key opponent, probably much like Sefer Seferi. Wilder meanwhile is in the midst of negotiations for a major unification for all four heavyweight titles with Anthony Joshua and hopes are high that that, the biggest fight in the sport, can be made.

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