Feature | Oct 13 2014

Tim Witherspoon prepares to tell all about the murky world of 1980s heavyweight boxing in new book

James Slater catches up with Terrible Tim Witherspoon who has 'waited' for the right time to release his book

THEY were collectively known as “The lost generation of heavyweights,” and they rose to prominence in the 1980s, vying for prominence in a decade ruled first by Larry Holmes, and then by Mike Tyson.

Men from largely impoverished backgrounds names Michael Dokes, Pinklon Thomas, Trevor Berbick, Greg Page, Tony Tubbs and Tim Witherspoon took turns holding one or more of the available ‘alphabelt’ titles as they attempted to pull in some of the money that was out there for the big men of the sport. A number of these fighters from “the lost generation” are now dead – Dokes, Page and Berbick all going out in particularly sad and gruesome fashion. Yet one man, a gifted fighter who was arguably the best, or, if you prefer, the king of T.L.G.O.H, is alive and kicking and doing very well in life.

Known as “Terrible” Tim during his long career (the nickname given to him by the incomparable king of all kings, Muhammad Ali), Witherspoon also has some story to tell. And the Philadelphian, now in his late fifties yet looking years younger, has told it in a book available exclusively via www.timwitherspoon.net just in time for Christmas.


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