Feature | Jan 25 2017

Tim Witherspoon: “I wanted to bring Don King to justice”

More than thirty years on from defeating Frank Bruno, former world heavyweight champion Tim Witherspoon has mellowed a lot, as Matt Bozeat discovers
tim witherspoon
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THE nation that once rooted against “Terrible” Tim Witherspoon appears to have fallen in love with him.

“I’ve been over to Britain so many times, so many people know me,” said the fun-loving Philadelphian who had two spells as a world heavyweight titlist in the 1980s. “I have so many friends over there, in Sheffield, Doncaster, London…”

Witherspoon is the most gregarious of guests, equally at home at plush hotels and working men’s clubs. Wherever he goes, he enjoys the company of people, and if he’s paid enough, “Terrible” Tim might even get the gloves on and “playfully punch someone in the face.”