July 10, 2015
July 10, 2015
Keith Thurman throwdown article 2

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THROWDOWN Fantasy Boxing challenges you to pick the best preforming boxers from the upcoming fights, easy right? Boxers get points for how they preform. Players pick 5 boxers from the biggest upcoming fights previewed below. Know your boxing? Prove it. It’s free to register and enter the $250 freeroll. Over $4,750 is up for grabs for the #ThurmanCollazo game.

Enough talk lets preview the upcoming fights in the $3,000 Throwdown Fantasy #ThurmanCollazo game:

Keith Thurman ($5,500) vs. Luis Collazo ($4,300)
July 11
At Tampa, Florida (ESPN/ESPN Deportes)


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For Thurman to win he must look to set up his power punches.  If Thurman throws his combinations effectively and actively goes to the body early, he can then look to land something big that can put Collazo on the canvas.  For Collazo to win he must stay away from Thurman’s power and use his jab to control distance.  Collazo’s only true advantage in this fight is his 3-inch reach over Thurman, so he will have to keep this fight on the outside and discourage Thurman from coming in.

Thurman record

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Thurman’s knockout prowess makes him a fantasy gamer’s choice. Based on Throwdown Fantasy’s scoring system below, Thurman is a deep well for fantasy points because he can score from all angles:

Throwdown scoring

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A “One-Time” stoppage earns at least 35 knockout points (30 for outcome and 5 for KO bonus). If Thurman stops Collazo earlier, those points grow by the round. Thurman failed to knockout Guerrero and Bundu but he put both down at one point during their bouts so that’s an additional 5 knockdown points each. If Thurman doesn’t put Collazo to sleep, he is likely to get more points elsewhere. Thurman’s gone the distance in three of his last six bouts but he still averaged 57.2 points per fight, for his high punch stats and his +13 plus/minus.

Thurman comes pricey at $5,500 (2nd most expensive in the game) but with the risk to reward ratio he has, Thurman’s worth becoming your main man. If you think otherwise, you can play him with $250 free roll game and risk losing nothing.

Collazo would have been a decent underdog based on his punch stats volume (163.5/ 560.8) and would have scored close to 20 points in a decision loss but he’s a big risk because, while he’s never been stopped before, we don’t know how he’ll take Thurman’s power shots.

Fantasy boxing tip: Thurman looks set to continue his current fantasy form and is a solid pick for the $3,000 #ThurmanCollazo Throwdown Fantasy boxing game however the salary cost may turn some players off.

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. ($5,300) vs. Marcos Reyes ($4,600)

July 18
At El Paso, Texas (Showtime)

Chavez Jr

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For Chavez Jr. to win he must report in good physical and mental shape, which hasn’t happened a lot in recent fights. In the ring he must assert his size, power and accuracy over the naturally lighter man, induce a brawl and pound him until he either falls or the final bell rings. For Reyes to pull the upset he must weather the early storm, then exploit Chavez’s painfully porous defense with volume punching. If the fight goes into the late rounds, he should stage a surge similar to the one that he produced in the final three rounds against Abraham Han, which saw him out-land Han 67-12 in round eight and 112-59 in the final nine minutes.

Chavez record

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Although two thirds of his wins have been by way of knockout, Junior hasn’t been in KO mode with just 2 KOs in his last 10 fights. But if you take a look at the Fighter Statistics, the lowest scoring output he’s had in a win has been 49.7 points. That’s because the thing with Junior is that while his defense is suspect, his punch stats are high octane. Chavez Jr. is also an accurate puncher at 41% (10 connect pct points)  which he’s done in 6 of last 10 bouts and because of that accuracy, he’s also come up with big +/- differential of at least +10 in 7 of last 10 bouts (10 plus/minus bonus).

Reyes is a big underdog here but if he can go the distance, his punching average of 178/564 could easily net him 20 fantasy points to become a very pick-able losing fighter.

Fantasy boxing tip: If you think that Chavez JR will preform well early he could be one of your picks however if you think Reyes can survive and flourish late then he could be a great underdog pick.

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