Feature | Mar 16 2017

The second life of Tony Jeffries

Tony Jeffries may be an unlikely business tycoon. John Dennen finds out the secret to his success
Tony Jeffries

TONY JEFFRIES finished boxing in 2011. His fighting career came to an end in Doncaster, an eight round points win. It was his tenth and last bout. But if the Olympic bronze medallist’s active career ended in disappointing fashion, no one could have envisaged his second life as a business tycoon in Los Angeles.

He runs Box ‘N Burn, an award-winning gym in LA. Its success has seen him open a second facility. Boxing training is increasingly popular and in Los Angeles it’s becoming part of the lifestyle. “With boxing you can see your progression through each session, so you’re always getting better,” he said. “When you first start, every time you go you learn a new punch or a new slip. You get better every time.”

Starting up however was a risk. “I had money left from boxing and I put that money into a gym,” he told Boxing News. “I’m blessed to be doing what I love. I wake up every day, can’t wait to get to work.”