December 13, 2015
December 13, 2015
boxing gloves

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‘Handmade in England’ is not something that you hear very often nowadays but when you do hear it, it’s often associated with a very high quality product. That is exactly what you get from Fly. The only boxing glove manufacturer in the UK, producing one of a kind items that can be tailored to fit the wearer, just like a bespoke suit from the world famous Savile Row. Each piece of boxing equipment is made by one individual craftsman from start to finish meaning there is no mass production and each product is slightly unique.

Fly only put their name to the finest leather, which is sourced mainly from tanneries in the heart of Italy. Though it has been known, that exotic skins from all over the world are never off limits. Snakeskin, ostrich and crocodile are among the range of many leather options which also include almost any colour and metallic/foil leather or wild print finishes. Made for the dedicated professional and the individual who demands performance and luxury alike.

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