Opinion | Nov 21 2017

Sympathy for David Haye

As David Haye is discovering, a long amateur and professional career takes a toll, writes Tony Jeffries in his Letter From America
David Haye
David-Haye  |  Action Images

DAVID HAYE is out of his clash with Tony Bellew that was due for December 17 in London’s 02 Arena.

David was running the stairs as part of a workout, slipped and went to grab the stair rail and somehow tore his biceps, which is a freak accident but it is very doable. I used to run stairs a lot as a fighter and it can be pretty dangerous, especially when you’re listening to your music, it’s easy to miss a step.

Haye, 37 has been boxing now since he was a boy and this puts so much strain on the body. As durable as a fighter’s body is, after this many years it becomes fragile. He had a great amateur career and now 31 fights in the pro ranks at cruiser and heavyweight is a lot.