Fitness | Training | Feb 15 2016

Strength training – The Goff’s Workout of the Week

Top strength and conditioning coach Cameron Goff begins a new series with a strength training workout that is designed specifically for fighters
Push pull workout
Strength and power  |  Radu Palicica/JP Boxing

EXPERIENCED strength and conditioning coach Cameron Goff works with a number of fighters, including unbeaten prospect and former amateur star, Charlie Edwards. The Goff, as we call him, is an expert on how to adapt effective S&C training methods for fighters to ensure they do not put on too much weight and the benefits they derive are functional and sport-specific. Here he kicks off his new Workout of the Week series with a strength training session, the Max Strength phase, that should be completed twice a week (though not on consecutive days) for a four-week period at the start of a fight camp. It should ensure a fighters becomes stronger over time.

The following should be completed using between 80-90 per cent bodyweight.

Upper body
*Rest = 2-4 minutes between sets


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