Opinion | Mar 14 2018

Letter from America: Should children be allowed box?

Boxing changes lives for the better, but certain aspects now give Olympic medallist Tony Jeffries pause for thought
Tony Jeffries
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NO doubt boxing is very entertaining – it changes lives for the better 99% of the time. It gives me and continues to give me, the most amazing life out here in Los Angeles.

I just wish there was a way to make it a little safer. If you’re a regular reader of my Boxing News Online blog, you will know I’m always concerned about brain health after I figured out I’ve been punched in the head 49,688 times (read this blog HERE) and have a split in my membrane that attaches the brain to the skull.

I recently came across a video of me fighting a schoolboy champion in which I won by knockout. I was 15, so was my opponent, and this was the first time I’d won a flight like this.