Fitness | Training | Jul 13 2016

Ryan Rhodes, Johnny Nelson and Herol Graham reveal how Brendan Ingle worked his magic

Three men who shared a mentor with Naz recall the trainer's unorthodox but effective methods of Brendan Ingle
Brendan Ingle
brendan-ingle  |  Action Images/Alex Morton


I STARTED with Brendan Ingle at the age of six and I remember the footwork -always, always, footwork. At least 30 minutes, sometimes 45, before doing anything else, you’d go on the lines and circles painted on the gym floor. Up and down the lines, first one way, then back, reversing your stance, mixing it up between southpaw and orthodox. That way, we learned to switch early on.

We only did open sparring three-four weeks before a fight and that’s why we had a long career as well, there were no wars in the gym. Guys would come in from other gyms but the majority of our sparring was in-house. 75 per cent was body-sparring and it was mainly technical sparring to the face.


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