January 15, 2016
January 15, 2016
Rocky Fielding v Callum Smith

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Rocky Fielding is looking to start 2016 with a bang and the super middleweight boxer is already back in the gym looking forward to his next bout.
After a short break following his sold-out British title fight with Callum Smith in November, Fielding is itching to get back into action and is hopeful for a return to the ring in late March or early April.
And although the first round defeat to Smith in November still frustrates, the Liverpool boxer admitted he will be learning the lessons of the fight when he and trainer Oliver Harrison review the contest.
“It was very frustrating,” said Fielding. “Looking back at the fight, he caught me early on, I then caught him but he came back which was obviously very disappointing. Had the fight gone 8-9 rounds, there would have been a lot of look at but as it was over in the first round, it’s much harder to analyse and I never really got going.
“Clearly, there will be some things for Oliver and I to go through and just review how we approached the fight and what we can learn to take forward, and now I am back in the gym, we’ll be going through that process.”
It was only just before Christmas while on holiday in Thailand that Rocky watched the fight for the first time.
He added: “I just wanted to switch off completely and forget about boxing and, although it’s a small consolation, the fact that so many people have contacted me to talk about what a great night it was and how they enjoyed the atmosphere means I can take some positives out of the fight. Now it’s time to put it behind me, learn the lessons and move on to the next challenge.”
Discussions about that next challenge are now underway with promoters Matchroom Boxing and the 28-year-old is now back in training.
He added: “It’s a very competitive weight division and there are some great domestic and international opponents out there, so hopefully there will be some news soon about hopefully a fight for a title in late March or early April.
“But in the meantime, I’m back in the gym. I started on Monday and this week was just about getting the aches and pains out of the way to really start back again next week doing some hard sessions. I made a conscious effort while I was away to be careful about what I was eating and I was also doing a bit of training as I didn’t want to lose too much fitness. That should really put me in a good place and give me a really good head start.
“I really can’t wait to get going.”