February 8, 2016
February 8, 2016
Robert Helenius

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IN less than two months Åland-based Finnish heavyweight boxer Robert “The Nordic Nightmare” Helenius will step into the ring at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki again. This time he faces the French number one boxer Johann Duhaupas. “The fight means everything for me and it will be my most important fight so far,” Helenius reveals in an exclusive interview with his sponsor Paf.

Weighing in at 110kg and standing 195cm tall Frenchman Johann Duhaupas is an experienced boxer with 36 fights and 33 wins during his career.

In September last year Duhaupas fought Deontay Wilder for the WBC Heavyweight title. Duhaupas lost the fight in the eleventh round without going down.

“Duhaupas has been a top boxer for a long time with many good fights under his belt and he has impressed everyone with his boxing skills. I also know that he has previously won against two other Finnish boxers, so this fight is for Finland’s reputation too,” says Robert Helenius.

Helenius and his trainer Johan Lindström are certain that this is the right fight and the right opponent for Helenius.

“That he got to fight against the world champion Wilder says a lot about his status in boxing. He is well regarded. He has a long reach and seems to wear down his opponents. But a long reach can be beaten with good footwork,” says Johan Lindström.

A win in Hartwall Arena on 2 April could mean that the American WBC-title holder Deontay Wilder can be a future opponent for Helenius.

The preparations for the next fight have already begun. Helenius has just returned from a training camp in Italy and more sparring is on the schedule.

“We will train on Åland during February and after that we will go on to Pajulahti in March. There we will do a lot of sparring and I already know that Gunnar Kolbeinn Kristinsson from Iceland will be one of my training partners,” says Helenius.

A return to the Hartwall Arena for a fight in Helsinki is something Helenius looks forward to.

“It was a great atmosphere in Helsinki during the last fight so it feels right to be able to continue there. My dream scenario would be to fight for the world championship title in Helsinki in front of all my fans. After this fight I believe it’s very likely that I will get a title fight this year,” says Helenius.

The gaming company Paf from the Åland Islands is supporting Robert Helenius’s dream to become the heavyweight world champion. Paf can reveal the first odds for the upcoming fight in Helsinki today. According to the these Robert Helenius is the favourite to win at 1.25. The odds for Frenchman Johann Duhaupas to win are 3.75.

“I am the favourite according to my own and my trainer Johan Linström’s odds too, so Paf’s odds are certainly correct,” says Helenius with a big smile on his face.