Fitness | Gear | Jul 23 2018

Product review – Kronk vest

The latest kit from the Kronk brand
Anthony Hardy White Kronk Gloves Vest PR  |  Kronk

THINK back to being a kid and slipping into your favourite superhero costume. One moment you’re a normal seven-year-old and the next you’re whizzing round the garden feeling better than you’ve ever felt before because you are now Superman.

Now you can feel that way again, except even better. Not so much seven again, but born again. Because you can be someone bigger and stronger and even more of a hero than Superman. You can be Thomas Hearns or Mike McCallum or Julian Jackson or Michael Moorer or Dennis Andries.

In fact, when you put on the latest KRONK training vest, it almost feels like you’re all of the above rolled into one.


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