April 7, 2016
April 7, 2016
junior boxing kit


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So who’s looking after the hands of our future champions these days?

PRO-BOX is a UK brand that was founded in1987. It quickly became popular for the level of quality and craftsmanship built into every product. Now in 2016, PRO-BOX is one of the most recognisable UK brands on the market.

PRO-BOX have recently increased their range of specialist boxing equipment for the junior boxer, offering an even larger choice of gloves, head guards, shorts, vests and boots.

Choosing and buying boxing equipment for youngsters, can be a parent’s nightmare. There are not many brands that give this area of the market more than a cursory glance, usually offering one token pair of gloves that they label up as children’s, without any further thought given to how old the child is or how big or small they are for their age. Many of the products offered are not much better than toys, providing little or no protection for the child using them.

Protecting your child’s head and hands at a young age is vitally important, and will help protect them from training injuries and problems that may develop in later years, arthritis, weakened joints, weakened muscles, and decreased functionality of the hands over time.

If your child is eager to take up boxing training, then choosing the right type of kid’s boxing gloves is going to be essential.

PRO-BOX have developed all of their new products using the same advanced safety foams and designs usually found in their ‘tried and tested’ senior club level products.

They now offer junior training gloves and head guards in seven different colours and three different styles. Sizing on the gloves start at 4oz. / 6oz. / 8oz. to ensure a perfect fit for every age and size. Head guard sizing goes down to a child’s extra small which should suit most 6-7 year olds.

Prices on junior gloves and head guards ranges from £19.99 to £30.99

To complete the ‘future champion’ look, junior vests and shorts are available in four colour choices, Red / Blue / Black / White at £9.99 and £14.99 respectively. And PRO style boxing boots start at a (children’s full size 1) with a price tag of £29.99

All of the above equipment can be purchased instore or online from one of our major retailers, or from the PRO-BOX website www.pro-box.co.uk