March 23, 2016
March 23, 2016
punch bag

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PRO-BOX is a UK brand that was founded in 1987. It quickly became popular for the level of quality and craftsmanship built into every product.

Now in 2016, PRO-BOX is one of the most recognisable UK brands on the market.

They do it again with this great new ‘Heavy Angled Bag’ the most versatile bag in any gym.

As you would expect from PRO-BOX every detail of the bag has been analysed with the emphasis being on safety for the hands and an awesome workout for the boxer.

The hard wearing outer shell has a striking appearance, constructed from the finest black and white full grain leather hides, canvas lined to stop any stretch in the leather and then double stitched to increase strength at the joints. The six hanging straps are generous in size and as you would expect from PRO-BOX are both contrast stitched and riveted to achieve maximum strength, combine that with the fully welded dee rings, and you have a bag that will hang for years without problems.

The top of the bag is closed with traditional eye-lets and lace “no cheap zips here” while the base features a strong holding strap for those who wish to secure the bag for their workout. Large embroidered logos complete the “no expense spared look”.

But it’s not all about aesthetics, they really have put a lot of work into the design of the bag. To reduce hand damage and boxer fatigue, the bag has been lined on the sides and the base with a thick open cell foam core. This decrease’s the shock and stress on the boxers tendons, ligaments and bones, whilst also delivering a softer, natural more responsive feel.

The theory is that if the boxer is not damaging his hands he can train for much longer periods on this bag improving muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

Price: £258.99 (chains not included)
Dimensions: 20” diameter x 39” high
Weight: approx. 35kg

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The punch bags can be purchased instore from one of the major retailers, of from the PRO-BOX website