August 29, 2015
August 29, 2015

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FLOYD MAYWEATHER (48-0, 26 stoppages) opened up the Mayweather Boxing Club on Wednesday (August 26) for his last ever media day as he prepares for the final fight of a celebrated 19-year career. He will defend his WBC and WBA welterweight titles against Andre Berto (30-3, 23 stoppages) on Saturday, Sept. 12 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

If triumphant, Mayweather would match the record of the legendary heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano, who retired in April 1956 with a perfect record of 49-0, 43 stoppages.

Television camera crews, newspaper columnists, boxing writers, radio broadcasters, web reporters and photographers were treated to a rare glimpse of Mayweather sparring as he went through a 45-minute workout, which consisted of about 35 minutes of actual sparring.

Also attracting a lot of attention was the flamboyant 38-year-old’s parking lot outside his gym which consisted of no less than $10.6million worth of wheels. The extravagant line-up included his brand new limited edition $4.8million (£3.1m) silver Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita, a white Bugatti Veyron Sport convertible worth $2.5million (£1.6m), two standard Bugatti Veyrons at $1.5million (£970,000) each and a beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia worth approximately $300,000 (£200,000). The man they call ‘Money’ well and truly living up to his nickname.

All photos: Esther Lin/Showtime

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