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December 22, 2014
December 22, 2014

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IT has been reported how Germany’s trainer of champions Fritz Sdunek passed away today from a heart attack. The 67-year-old died suddenly in a Hamburg hospital. A hugely respected trainer and former amateur boxer himself, Sdunek really did train a who’s who of gifted champion boxers.

Born in Lussow, Germany in 1947, Sdunek abandoned his own boxing career – during which he compiled a 129-fight amateur record, winning 99 of his bouts – to answer his real calling: that of teaching the Sweet Science. To others. Some of the big name the fighters Sduenk trained during his illustrious career include: Dariusz Michalczewski, Juan Carlos Gomez, Artur Grigorian, Ralf Rocchigiani, Alexander Dimitrenko and Mario Veit.

But Sdunek’s star pupils were arguably the two all-conquering Klitschko brothers, Wladimir and Vitali. Before he passed away, Sdunek was also training Felix Sturm and Ola Afolabi.

Boxing News express deepest sympathies to Sdunek’s family.

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December 22, 2014
December 22, 2014

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Novosibirsk (Russia), Baku (Azerbaijan), Astana (Kazakhstan) and Foshan (China) hosted the 49 kg, 52 kg, 60 kg, 64 kg, 69 kg and 91+ kg APB Matches for Champions with the following results.

The Bantamweight category will compete on 15 January 2015 in Paris (France).

FLY 52 KG – FRIDAY, 19 DECEMBER (19:00 GMT+6)Location: Novosibirsk – Venue: SKK Sever

Elias Emigdio (MEX) returned to APB for the Matches for Champions having recovered from the injury that kept him out of Round 2 of the Pre-Ranking Phase, and enjoyed an amazing win in a close match against the formerly undefeated Kazakh Ilyas Suleimenov who was ranked second.

AIBA World Boxing Champion Misha Aloian (RUS) won by walkover against Mohamed Flissi (ALG) who was not allowed to compete because he is under Medical Suspension after being knocked out in Round 2.

Emigdio and Aloian will fight in January for the Title.

Match results:

– Vincenzo PICARDI (ITA) vs Jabursek LATIPOV (UZB) W.P. (53:60/ 55:59/ 55:59)

Fernando MARTINEZ (ARG) W.P. (60:54/ 60:54 /60:54) vs Redouane ASLOUM (FRA)

Elias EMIGDIO (MEX) W.P. (58:56/ 58:56/ 54:60) vs Ilyas SULEIMENOV (KAZ)

Misha ALOIAN (RUS) W.O. vs Mohamed FLISSI (ALG)

SUPER HEAVY 91+KG – FRIDAY, 19 DECEMBER (19:30 GMT+4)Location: Baku – Venue: Sarhadchi Complex

The two undefeated APB boxers Erik Pfeifer (GER) and Mohammed Arjaoui (MAR) both continued their success with two marvelous victories. The German star Pfeifer defeated the Romanian Nistor in Round 3, while the Moroccan hope Arjaoui achieved the same result against France’s Tony Yoka on points.

Both boxers will fight for the Title in January.

Match results:

– Sergiy VERVEYKO (UKR) vs Magomed OMAROV (RUS) K.O. (R1 2:00)

Mohammed ARJAOUI (MAR) W.P. (58:56/58:56/ 58:56) vs Tony YOKA (FRA)

– Mihai NISTOR (ROM) vs Erik PFEIFER (GER) W.P. (R3 0:27)

Magomedrasul MEDZHIDOV (AZE) K.O. (R1 3:00) vs Ahmed SAMIR (EGY)

LIGHT WELTER 64 KG – SATURDAY, 20 DECEMBER (17:00 GMT+6)Location: Novosibirsk – Venue: SKK Sever

The rising German star Artem Harutyunyan (GER) defeated Abdelkader Chadi (ALG), All-Africa Games Champion and undefeated APB boxer, on points in a close match.

Russia’s Artem Zakaryan won by walkover against Juan Pablo Romero (MEX) who won his first bout against Carlos Aquino (ARG) and lost in Round 2 of the Pre-Ranking Phase against Abelkader Chadi.

Zakaryan and Harutyunyan will fight for the Light Welterweight Title.

Match results:

– Vyacheslav KYSLYTSYN (UKR) vs Carlos AQUINO (ARG) W.P. (56:58/ 57:57/ 56:58)

– Boris GEORGIEV (BUL) vs Evaldas PETRAUSKAS (LTU) T.K.O. (R5)

Artem HARUTYUNYAN (GER) W.P. (57:57/ 58:56/ 57:57) vs Abdelkader CHADI (ALG)

Armen ZAKARYAN (RUS) W.O. vs Juan Pablo ROMERO (MEX)

LIGHT 60 KG – SATURDAY, 20 DECEMBER (17:00 GMT+6)Location: Astana – Venue: Daulet Sports Complex

The two undefeated APB boxers Hurshid Tojibaev (UZB) and Berik Abdrakhmanov (KAZ) will fight for the APB Ranking Title Bout in January after defeating Charly Suarez (PHI) and Robson Conceicao (BRA).

Match results:

– Charly SUAREZ (PHI) vs Hurshid TOJIBAEV (UZB) W.P. (57:57/ 56:58/ 58:56)

David JOYCE (IRL) W.P. (60:53/ 60:53/ 59:55) vs Artur BRIL (GER)

– Domenico VALENTINO (ITA) vs Dmitry POLYANSKIY (RUS) W.P. (54:59/ 55:59/ 56:58)

Berik ABDRAKHMANOV (KAZ) W.P. (58:56/ 58:56/ 57:57) vs Robson CONCEICAO (BRA)

LIGHT FLY 49 KG – SATURDAY, 20 DECEMBER (19:30 GMT+8)Location: Foshan – Venue: Lingnan Pearl

Foshan will see an APB Inaugural Title Match in January a rematch involving the home stars Wu (CHN) and Lyu (CHN), after they defeated the Ecuadorian Carlos Quipo and Mark Barriga (PHI) in Round 3.

Match results:


– Leandro BLANC (ARG) vs Birzhan ZHAKYPOV (KAZ) W.P. (55:59/ 55:59/ 55:59)

– Carlos QUIPO (ECU) vs Zhonglin WU (CHN) W.P. (56:58/ 58:56/ 55:59)

– Mark Anthony BARRIGA (PHI) vs Bin Lyu (CHN) W.P. (55:59/ 58:56/ 56:58)

WELTER 69 KG – SATURDAY, 20 DECEMBER (19:30 GMT +4)Location: Baku – Venue: Sarhadchi Complex

Andrey Zamkovoy (RUS), London 2012 bronze medallist and undefeated APB boxer, lost against Rayton Okwiri (KEN), who was ranked third after shocking Marcos Nader in Round 1 of the Pre-Ranking Phase before losing to Onur Sipal in Round 2.

Sipal continued his undefeated APB career with a clear win against Denzs Lazarev (UKR) on points, which means Sipal and Okwiri will rematch for the Inaugural APB Welterweight Title.

Match results:

– Eimantas STANIONIS (LTU) W.P. (60:54/ 59:55/ 59:55) vs Gyula KATE (HUN)

Rayton OKWIRI (KEN) W.P. (59:55/ 59:55/ 59:55) vs Andrey ZAMKOVOY (RUS)

Onur SIPAL (TUR) W.P. (60:54/ 60:54/ 60:54) vs Denys LAZAERV (UKR)

– Marcos NADER (AUT) vs Tamerlan ABDULLAYEV (AZE) W.O.


December 22, 2014
December 22, 2014
Anthony Joshua (Action Images_Andrew Couldridge)

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A BREAKOUT year looms ahead of British heavyweight Anthony Joshua. The Olympic gold medallist built momentum impressively over the last 12 months with eye-catching stoppage wins. He begins his 2015 campaign on January 31 against America’s Kevin Johnson and is addinh new methods into his training to boost his performance next year.

“Boxers, we’re always curled up with a lot of the ab [work] we do. There’s a lot of stretching, breathing to open up my body. Stuff like handstand presses, which strengthen all your shoulders, stuff like that, obviously leg training. I’ve always been doing front squats and so on, boxers are moving side to side, a bit more functional training,” he said, explaining some of the new elements he’ll add into his workouts.

“Instead of stretching that keeps me closed you need to be opened up more, a boxer always crouches. Opening up more gives you more range. Water intake, little things like that, just being more professional. 2014’s out the way now… It’s time to take it up another notch and it’ll be interesting to see if it benefits me. Towards the summer all the stuff I’m doing now it should start kicking in when the fights potentially are going to get tougher. That’s why I need to start early.”

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December 22, 2014
December 22, 2014

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DURING the Annual Convention in Las Vegas, the World Boxing Council ordered an immediate rematch between light-middleweights Sergey Rabchenko and Anthony Mundine.

Mundine won the WBC Silver title after being awarded a controversial split decision over the Ricky Hatton-trained Belarusian in Melbourne, Australia on November 12.

Mundine had hoped that the victory would put him in line for a shot at Floyd Mayweather Jnr, but the WBC’s Executive Committee has decided that the highly contentious nature of the result warrants another showdown between the pair.

“I’m delighted to hear that the WBC have ordered a rematch,” said Hatton, who attended last’s weeks convention along with Hatton Promotions’ international matchmaker, Philippe Fondu.

“I’ve said before that it wasn’t the worst decision ever, but Sergey definitely won the fight and he wasn’t helped by the fact that two of the judges, not affiliated to the WBC, were from Melbourne.

“It was a phenomenal performance from Mundine and I take my hat off to him, but Sergey outworked him for most of the fight and should have been given much more of the rounds.

“Sergey also inflicted a knockdown and the referee didn’t score it. Thankfully, now Sergey has a chance to set the record straight and get the win he deserved the first time around.

“I want to thank the WBC for seeing sense and giving us this opportunity.”

Negotiations for the rematch will begin in the New Year.


December 22, 2014
December 22, 2014

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LAST WEEK Boxing News Online published an article on retired Irish warrior-turned-actor, Seamus McDonagh, and in one section of the interview, McDonagh commented on how he’d invited his friend, fellow Irishman John Duddy to try his hand at acting. Well, Duddy – who cut his teeth as an actor in the Off Broadway play Kid Shamrock in 2011 – has landed himself a dream role.

35-year-old Duddy confirmed to The Irish Independent how he will play Scottish legend Ken Buchanan opposite movie giant Robert De Niro in the Roberto Duran bio Hands of Stone. Duddy, who earns money working for a removal company in The Bronx where he lives, says he does the “honest work” while waiting for acting work to come in. Now, with his scenes in “Hands of Stone” completed – the scenes with De Niro filmed in New York and Panama – Duddy is excited to see the finished product.

Roberto Duran’s finest hour

Duddy met De Niro on the set of last year’s Grudge Match when he assisted De Niro and Sylvester Stallone with some of the fight sequences, and he admits he was a little star struck when acting opposite him.

“Being in a project like that was one of the greatest experiences of my life,” Duddy said of the film that is due for release next year. “In one scene we were filming a news conference when it finally hit me. I’m standing there thinking, ‘Oh my God, I’m shooting a scene with Robert De Niro!’”

Duddy says he still gets boxing fans coming up to him, and he is grateful for this. However, the slugger who quit the ring with a fine 29-2 (18) record says his current aim is to gain recognition as an actor.

“It’s wonderful that some people haven’t forgotten what I did in the ring,” Duddy said. “And hopefully, one day, they’ll also remember me for what I accomplished on the stage and on the screen.”

It is also hoped the man Duddy plays – in former lightweight king Buchanan, who infamously lost his title to a rampaging Duran in 1972 – can recover from his recently reported alcohol problems to enjoy the film when it comes out. De Niro, who will play Duran’s master trainer, Ray Arcel, has been working on Hands of Stone for some months now and fans hope the film will be as special as the 1980 masterpiece, Raging Bull.

Perhaps that’s too high a target to set, but Duran’s life story is easily as compelling as Jake La Motta’s and, with a stellar cast including De Niro (below), John Turturro (as mobster Frankie Carbo), Ellen Barkin (as Stephanie Arcel), Edgar Ramirez (as Duran) and of course Duddy, Hands of Stone looks very promising.


Discover how Ken Buchanan won the world title


December 21, 2014
December 21, 2014

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THE oldest surviving world heavyweight champion, Muhammad Ali, is in hospital with pneumonia.

The 72-year-old, who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease three years after his 1981 retirement, was being treated by doctors and his spokeman, Bob Gunnell, said Ali is in a stable condition.

“He went into the hospital this morning,” Gunnell said. “He has a mild case of pneumonia and the prognosis is good.”

Gunnell declined to say where Ali was being kept in hospital and did not release any other details after requesting privacy for the fighter and his family.

Ali and his wife, Lonnie, have homes in Paradise Valley, Arizona; Berrien Springs, Michigan; and in Louisville.

Last week former Ali opponent Ernie Terrell passed away at the age of 75.


December 20, 2014
December 20, 2014

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ADONIS STEVENSON remains a light-heavyweight to be reckoned with.

The slugger has become something of a 175lb afterthought following rival Sergey Kovalev‘s stellar year, but the Canadian proved his worth by flattening Dmitry Sukhotsky in round five. Stevenson’s year has been something of a disappointment when compared to his breakout 2013 and Kovalev’s dominant win over Bernard Hopkins, but the WBC champion impressed at the Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec City.

Stevenson, 37, could not miss. The challenger – who lost to Juergen Braehmer in 2009 – did not come loaded with confidence and the champion’s raids caused chaos. Stevenson’s left hand was particularly dangerous, arching round Sukhotsky’s shield and hitting the target.

There were four knockdowns in all, and the final one – caused by a savage left hand – was as gruesome as it was spectacular, with Sukhotsky deposited under the bottom rope, thoroughly beaten.

“I just used my speed and movement,” said Stevenson afterwards. “I know I have the power and the knockouts are going to come,” Stevenson said. “I don’t want to force the knockouts. I know my trainer [Javan “Sugar” Hill] tells me that, too. It’s boxing.

“I just wait for him and, bang, I catch him.”

On the undercard, revered light-heavyweight prospect Artur Beterbiev emerged from a flash knockdown in the opening round to batter Jeff Page in the second.