History | Oct 15 2014

On This Day: World middleweight champion Stanley Ketchel is shot to death

John Dennen reviews the incredible life of Stanley Ketchel, cut tragically short on October 15, 1910

STANLEY KETCHEL’S life was an adventure. It ended when he was only 24, shot through the lung by Walter Dipley in a jealous rage over a woman. Ketchel had lived in keeping with the myths of the Wild West. From a Polish family, his original name was Stanislaus Keical. Ketchel was just 14 years old when he fled home to travel America as a hobo.

He wound up in Butte, Montana, a rough mining town where he worked as bouncer in a bar. Here he discovered himself as a fighter, taking on all comers in shows at a local theatre. Ketchel proved to be a natural, gifted with knockout power.

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