History | Mar 23 2018

On This Day: Undefeated Joe Calzaghe was born

Matt Christie reflects on the merits of Joe Calzaghe's boxing career as he turns 46
joe calzaghe
joe-calzaghe  |  Action Images/Reuters/Mike Segar

SOME may question Joe Calzaghe’s place among the greatest fighters in history but the naysayers should look closer; it’s hard to deny he deserves to his spot in the Hall of Fame.

Unquestionably, given his overall body of work, he is the most accomplished super-middleweight of all-time. Forget the likes of Thomas Hearns, Ray Leonard and Roy Jones, whose stay in the division was fleeting in comparison, Joe belongs at the top of the pile.

And even though the division is in its infancy, as its history expands and grows over time, future champions will have their names compared to Joe in the way that today’s heirs constantly have to prove themselves against yesterday’s kings. And the Welshman deserves that indelible pedestal.


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