History | Jan 02 2018

On This Day: Pernell Whitaker was born

The great Pernell Whitaker was born on January 2, 1964 in Norfolk, Virginia
Pernell Whitaker
reu_1334333  |  Action Images/Reuters/Steve Marcus

INJUSTICE was a theme of Pernell Whitaker’s career. No one should have beaten him until he met a rising star Oscar De La Hoya in 1997 at welterweight. On paper though his first defeat was recorded in 1988, at lightweight, against Jose Luis Ramirez in Paris. Whitaker may have baffled the Mexican in the ring but he in turn was left flummoxed at the judges’ decision after the contest.

Unfairly denied a world title at the first attempt he picked up the IBF’s portion of the lightweight crown from Greg Haugen. Justice was served when he brought Ramirez to his home turf in Virginia a year later and added the WBC belt to his waist, widely outpointing Ramirez and rewriting that blip on his record.

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