History | Sep 29 2015

On This Day: Muhammad Ali scores his penultimate career victory against Earnie Shavers

On September 29 1977, the great Ali did just enough to beat Shavers, writes James Slater
Muhammad Ali-Earnie Shavers

ON THIS DAY in 1977, an ageing but still universally revered Muhammad Ali was coming towards the end of a long and glorious career. Then aged 35 and largely winning fights through his cunning and with a little help from admiring judges in charge of scoring his fights, Ali had squeaked past the likes of Ken Norton and Jimmy Young, but now, at Madison Square Garden, he was facing a monster puncher in the form of the incredibly heavy-handed Earnie Shavers.

Ali knew he’d be in for a tough fight, asking a writer if he knew how tired he was and if the scribe had any idea how hard Shavers was going to hit him that night. His pre-fight dressing room concerns aside, Ali made yet another confident looking walk to the ring, accompanied by the theme music from “Star Wars.” Shavers, entering the ring with a formidable 54-5-1(53) ledger, would soon make Ali see stars.

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