History | Mar 22 2018

On This Day: Muhammad Ali hammers Zora Folley in his final fight of the 60s

Muhammad Ali was close to invincible in 1967 but he would meet his match outside the ring, writes Matt Christie
Muhammad Ali
A heavyweight who fought like a welterweight The Courier Journal/USA Today Sports

ZORA FOLLEY, a 34-year-old contender, would be Muhammad Ali‘s final challenger of his first reign as world heavyweight champion.

Folley was a modest man of considerable ability but he was past his peak. And anyone hoping to beat Ali had no chance if they were not at the top of their game.

The contest, staged inside New York’s Madison Square Garden on March 22, proved how far ahead of his peers Ali really was. Folley had some success in the opening rounds but it seemed like the boss was simply going through the motions, almost treating it like a sparring session. Folley was dropped in the fourth and looked ready to go but Ali toyed through rounds five and six.