History | Mar 10 2017

On This Day: Marvin Hagler tames ‘The Beast’ John Mugabi

Marvin Hagler retains his world middleweight title against 'The Beast', writes Sean Ellis
Will Hart/HBO


  1. ON fight night, in what was seen as a bid to cause as much hassle as possible, John Mugabi’s promoter, Mickey Duff, made himself busy in the champion’s dressing room thirty minutes before the bout. The Englishman was unhappy with Hagler’s protective cup, and declared that it exceeded legal regulations. After closer inspection from the Nevada State Athletic Commission however, the issue was squashed.


  1. ‘MARVELOUS’ Marvin Hagler – unbeaten in 10 years – was making his twelfth world title defence, and a little rain could not deter a crowd of 15,553, from descending on the Outdoor Arena at Caesars Palace to see him. The high-paying patrons sitting closest to the ring, were given plastic bags to protect their expensive clothing from the downpour. The kind gesture was not needed for the main event however, as the rain duly ceased.


  1. DON King had once referred to Mugabi as “The meanest mother****** I’ve ever seen in my life”, due to his ferocious punch-power. A weapon highly anticipated by the Hagler camp. It makes sense then, that Hagler opened up proceedings as an orthodox, if even to disrupt the challenger’s rhythm early on.