History | Jan 12 2018

On This Day: Joe Frazier was born in 1944

Tris Dixon pays tribute to the career of Joe Frazier, one of the finest of them all
Joe Frazier
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WHEN the late Philadelphian warrior was laid to rest in 2011, Joe Frazier’s fortune was long gone and his health had been waning for some years but his reputation as one of the best gunslingers the heavyweight division had seen was firmly in tact.

The man who was raised as a child in Beaufort, North Carolina – in the rural community of Laurel Bay – but took the bus north to New York for settling in the City of Brotherly Love.

He became an amateur fighter, inspired by memories of his family watching boxing on their old black and white television set, and his unpaid career culminated in a 1964 gold medal in Tokyo and he turned professional with the backing of a group of local businessmen who formed the Cloverlay Partnership.


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