History | Sep 14 2018

On This Day: Jack Dempsey is knocked out of the ring in a wild brawl

Bob Mee recounts how in three minutes 57 seconds of mayhem, a badly hurt world heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey survives the 'Wild Bull of the Pampas'
Jack Dempsey
jack dempsey

NOTHING bettered this wild brawl for pure heavyweight chaos… with the champion of the world, Jack Dempsey, knocking down his big, raw challenger Luis Angel Firpo seven times – and then almost losing his title when badly hurt and knocked out of the ring on September 14, 1923.

Also in that crazy first round Dempsey touched down twice – and in the interval was still so dazed that his manager, Jack Kearns, waved smelling salts under his nose. Then, like the great champion he was, Dempsey came roaring back to drop Firpo twice more in the second, the last time for the full count.

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