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On This Day: Gallant Henry Cooper is left a bloody mess by Muhammad Ali

More than 40,000 Henry Cooper fans were left disappointed on May 21, 1966 as Muhammad Ali – or Cassius Clay as we still called him in this ringside report – retained his title in dramatic fashion
henry cooper
henry cooper

“CLAY STILL CHAMPION – COOPER STOPPED IN SIXTH ROUND” was the headline of our original ringside report back in 1966. Here, word-by-word, is how we reported Henry Cooper’s rematch with Muhammad Ali (or Casssius Clay, as we still called him then) – this time for the world heavyweight title.

BACK into the bank strong room went the Boxing News 1,000-guinea Gold Cup after Henry Cooper’s magnificent but unsuccessful attempt to wrest the world heavyweight title from Cassius Clay on Harry Levene’s promotion at the Arsenal Football Club ground.

The trophy, which is to be presented to the first British boxer to win the world heavyweight title, is the world’s most unique prize in that it has never been won.