History | Nov 16 2018

On This Day: Frank Bruno was born in 1961

Frank Bruno remains a national treasure and Matt Christie looks back at some key moments in his career
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FRANK BRUNO was born on November 16, 1961. He grew up with five siblings in Wandsworth, where his parents had settled after moving from the Caribbean. Riddled by the temptations of petty crime, Bruno found solace in the gym, and from the age of 14 channelled his energies into his muscles.

BY 1980 Bruno had won the ABA heavyweight championship and compiled an amateur record of 20-1.

ON March 17, 1982 Bruno ditched the vested comfort of the amateur ranks and turned professional. His first opponent was Lupe Guerra at the Royal Albert Hall. Bruno won inside a round. Many called it a soft opener for the Londoner, but the Mexican was a popular choice for the talented. Over the next three years Guerra was stopped by up-and-coming Tony Tucker, a past it Jerry Quarry, and the comebacking Leon Spinks.