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On This Day: Floyd Mayweather retires after an unfulfilling win against Oscar De La Hoya

Floyd Mayweather got the decision over comebacking Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya and said that was his lot, but Claude Abrams at ringside in 2007 asked: can he really rest on his laurels after this close-run thing?
Floyd Mayweather
Floyd-Mayweather  |  Esther Lin/Showtime

IT’S every outstanding fighter’s dream to go out on a high, at his peak, undefeated, wealthy and with his faculties intact, but so few succeed in an industry where often ego overrules wisdom.

Though Floyd Mayweather’s 12-round split decision victory over Oscar De La Hoya before a sell out, celebrity-packed 16,700 crowd at the MGM Grand on May 5, 2007 has to be regarded as the 30-year-old’s crowning moment, he has more to prove to achieve the level of respect he desires, even if he claims he is fully satisfied and is getting out.

After the huge build-up to this, the richest non-heavyweight contest in the sport’s history, Mayweather didn’t deliver on his promise of “Blood, sweat and tears.”


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