History | Feb 11 2020

On This Day: Down Goes Tyson! Buster Douglas stuns Mike Tyson

James Slater reviews the upset of the century on its 30th birthday – Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas
mike tyson vs james buster douglas
Action Images/Reuters/Masaharu Hatano

THIRTY years have passed since that unforgettably amazing day in Tokyo, Japan, when 42-1 outsider James “Buster” Douglas shocked the entire world – sporting and otherwise – by somehow managing to defeat the reigning heavyweight champion of the world, Mike Tyson.

At the time of the fight – one not too many experts or fans were especially intrigued or excited about, such was the seemingly inevitable quick win by “Iron” Mike – the defending champion was seen by many as a lethal-punching monster more deserving of the tag of invincible fighting machine than any heavyweight before him.

Much has been written about this incredible fight over the years; and it was not just an amazing upset, but also a great action fight, full of twists and turns in the plot along the way, with some controversy thrown in for good measure. And the hero of the piece, James Douglas, has been asked just about everything he could possibly be asked about that historic event. But, with interest in the one and only night “Buster” fought with the heart and desire his formidable skills deserved at a swell once again (not that fans will ever stop talking about this fight) Douglas is likely to be in much demand right about now. The man who briefly stood atop the entire world is well aware he is remembered solely for his one day in the sun; the remainder of his career of interest only to the hardest of hardcore boxing fans. And James Douglas is rightfully proud of his sensational performance.