Feature | Feb 22 2016

On this day Curtis Woodhouse won the British title

Curtis Woodhouse fulfilled a promise to his late father on February 22, 2014. Read John Dennen's ringside report from a wild night in Hull
Curtis Woodhouse
Curtis-Woodhouse  |  Action Images

IN boxing, hearts are broken just as often as knuckles. Sometimes however, this hard sport makes dreams a reality too. It was an odd choice when Curtis Woodhouse turned his back on a career as a professional footballer to pursue boxing. He faced a long fight for credibility and even then his aim to eventually become the British champion seemed too lofty a goal.

Derry Mathews had ended Woodhouse’s tilt for the Commonwealth lightweight title in four rounds last year.
In Darren Hamilton, the holder of the British light-welterweight crown, Curtis was pitching himself against an established champion, deemed both bigger and the better boxer. But to prepare himself, Woodhouse had enlisted the “dream team” as he called them, with Adam Booth and Gary Logan assisting Ryan Rhodes in his corner.

Both men scaled 9st 13 3/4lbs. Hamilton crept forward, squatting in a low stance but scuttling along, his left glove cupped around his head for protection while his scorpion-like right stung straight out as a cross or frequently effective uppercut.


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