History | Mar 26 2018

On This Day: Brazilian boxing great Eder Jofre born in 1936

Daniel Herbert tells the story of one of the greatest bantamweights of all-time, Eder Jofre
Eder Jofre

EDER JOFRE, who stands unchallenged as Brazil’s best ever boxer, came a long way in his life. He was born, March 26, 1936 in the gym his father ran in the Italian district of Sao Paulo yet ended up a member of the Brazilian Congress.

The man known as “The Golden Bantam” ruled that division for four years and, after a three-year retirement, came back to win the WBC belt up at featherweight. In 78 professional fights, he lost to only one man, Japan’s Fighting Harada (who beat him twice). Of the four draws Jofre conceded, he beat the opponents in returns.

Making him stand out was the fact he was a vegetarian, the first such world champion since Freddie Welsh half a century earlier.