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AMERICAN football is the fastest-growing sport in the UK and, much like UFC’s position in MMA, the NFL is far and away the market leader. It’s a behemoth and with NFL teams playing more games in England next year than in 2016 and the distinct possibility of a British-based team in the next decade, it’s only going to get bigger. With that in mind, Newsquest – owners of Boxing News among several other publications, present Touchdown, a 100-page NFL guide and season preview out in stores on June 23 and available to pre-order now for delivery.


Touchdown is written by Neil Reynolds of NFL UK and Sky Sports and includes:

• Exclusive insight from the NFL’s star players and head coaches, including Odell Beckham Jr, Tom Brady, JJ Watt and Andy Reid.
• A thorough guide to each of the NFL teams (32), their players, a 2015 review and a preview of their upcoming season.
• A full regular-season schedule.
• An introduction to the NFL, its rules and its UK invasion and expansion.
• Breakdowns of all the positions in the sport with tips from the players who occupy them.
• Features on this year’s Draft and coaching at the highest level.


Whether you are a diehard NFL supporter or a new fan who just wants to know more about the game and the man-mountains that play it, Touchdown has something for you. Our features include an explanation of the sport’s origins and the key rules to remember. Then each tean is afforded two pages wherein Neil assesses their history, performance last season, chances for 2016 and singles out a Star Man, Breakout Player to Watch and someone On the Hot Seat, plus a quote From the Locker Room. It’s comprehensive yet accessible; don’t miss out!