History | Jan 29 2018

Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston – The greater the myth, the longer may it endure

James Slater analyses the mysteries of Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston
Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston

MANY people claim that both Muhammad Ali vs Sonny Liston heavyweight title fights were undeniably fixed. Others still are totally convinced, without a shadow of doubt, that even if the first fight was legit, the second fight’s validity is nothing but questionable. There are not, however, too many boxing fans/experts/know-it-alls who are happy to accept that the two encounters were actually both on the level.

Things just do not sit right with a good many experts and fans alike with regards to the way Liston, who beforehand was thought of as practically unbeatable, meekly quit in bout number one, and then went down as though pole-axed in fight number two – and this from a punch that many never even saw. While most of those who did see it, and who were then and are now satisfied, when viewing the fight again on tape, that a blow did indeed land – profess how the shot had no way near enough force behind it for it to do what it did to the awesomely strong Liston.

But while one can fully understand the questions that these two fights have produced, there are those who believe both fights were in fact completely genuine.