Opinion | Mar 03 2015

Mickey Vann: Chris Eubank Jnr is starting to prove he’s a more exciting fighter than his father

Vann has praise and advice for Eubank, Carl Frampton and Tyson Fury

IT was an impressive performance from Carl Frampton against Chris Avalos and an equally impressive performance from Carl’s mentor, Barry McGuigan with his celebrations after the fight ended. He needs to be careful at his age all that excitement and you can’t beat a few thousand Irish men roaring you on.

The fight itself could be looked at in two different ways: Did Avalos deserve to be in the same ring as Carl or was Carl so impressive he made Avalos look second class? I think it was a bit of both myself. Carl is improving all the time and his tactics and the execution of these was faultless, but I would have expected a world Top 10 fighter to be able to come up with a Plan B but Avalos couldn’t. Trouble was his Plan A seemed to be to try and upset Frampton at the weigh-in and hope he didn’t turn up for the fight.

Someone who did turn up on the night a few hundred miles away was Chris Eubank Jnr on the way back from a contentious decision against Billy Joe Saunders. His opponent the tough as teak Dmitry Chudinov the WBA interim champion and for me this was the best fight of the weekend.


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