Fitness | Training | Feb 25 2016

Michael Bisping eye is good, his training is better

Michael Bisping eye is 'Functionally great', he tells Danny Flexen ahead of the Anderson Silva fight, while training has taken on a new dimension
Michael Bisping eye
Michael-Bisping-eye  |  Steven Flynn/USA Today Sports

IT’S kind of hard to ignore. His right eye looks off-kilter, the iris focused sideways almost into his nose. Michael Bisping eye does not look ‘normal’ – a result both of several surgeries to repair a detached retina suffered in 2013 and the injury itself – but the UFC middleweight insists, ahead of a crucial February 27 clash with Anderson Silva, that it will not be a problem in the fight.

“My eye is functionally great, there’s still a couple of things like there being oil in it but it’s stable,” he affirmed. “I don’t want this fight to be about an old injury.”

The detached retina was first sustained in a January 2013 battle with Vitor Belfort but Bisping fought again three months later and only had his first operation after his vision regressed to such an extent a scheduled October bout with Mark Munoz had to be cancelled. Interestingly, Munoz, now retired, currently serves as Bisping’s wrestling coach, one of several personnel changes “The Count” has made over the years.