News | Jul 18 2016

Mexico’s Israel Vazquez to lose his eye

Mexican warrior Israel Vazquez to undergo operation to remove his damaged right eye writes James Slater
Israel Vazquez
Vazquez  |  Action Images

IN sad and somewhat disturbing news – the kind that illustrates just how much pro fighters risk during their careers – it has been reported by ESPN Deportes how retired Mexican warrior Israel Vazquez will soon undergo an operation to remove his badly damaged right eye. A prosthesis will then be inserted. The 38-year-old, a former IBF and WBC super-bantamweight champion who retired in 2010 after a fourth fight with archrival Rafael Marquez, is not feeling sorry for himself, and he says he does not wish to “demonise the sport”.

“The problem obviously arose after the last fight [of my career, against Marquez],” Vazquez said. “But I don’t want to demonise the sport or the fight, because this was an oversight by my physician and myself. I had many surgeries and one of them was to put silicone into my eye. I assumed that the doctors knew what they were doing, and at that time I did not recover my vision 100-percent, but I could live my life. What’s happened is, I can’t see with my right eye. I have made my life with my left eye and I have no problems.”

Vazquez – who retired with a 44-5 (32) record – was told he has two choices regarding his eye: wait for the right eye to “dry out”, which could take a number of years, or have the eye removed and a prosthesis put in. This second option is the one Vazquez chose and he is now awaiting the procedure.