Feature | Sep 07 2016

Meet ‘Lil B-Hop’, Chris Colbert

Chris Colbert speaks about training, speed and his mentor Bernard Hopkins
Chris Colbert

Tell us a bit about your connection to Bernard Hopkins. How often do you two talk? What’s the most important piece of advice he’s given you?

 We talk here and there. He’ll call me or I’ll call him once in a blue. But Bernard, I look up to him you know, he’s my mentor. He’s one of the best in the game, who do you know that got into over 70 fights in boxing and can still speak properly he don’t slur or nothing. He can talk for days.

He’s given me some great advice, the one thing I remember is he told me don’t let anybody get you, be smart. And I mean don’t let people take your money or make you sign something.