Feature | Jan 18 2018

Lou DiBella: ‘We had a year filled with awful decisions’

Promoter Lou DiBella tells Kenneth Bouhairie there has to be a better system for judging the judges
Lou DiBella
Lou-DiBella  |  Action Images

Your fighter Tevin Farmer recently lost a tight decision to Kenichi Ogawa. Can you give us your thoughts on what happened?

I thought Tevin got robbed badly. I thought it was terrible judging. I feel horrible for Tevin. This is a kid who really had to get there the hard way. He started off 7-4-1. He struggled to get himself to 25-4-1. He earned that title opportunity. And he landed the more telling shots, not only more of them.

Expecting Tevin Farmer to be Orlando Salido, Mickey Ward or Arturo Gatti is foolish. That’s not who he is. I listened to an interview with Joel Diaz, who I think is a great trainer and someone I really like, and he said he thought Tevin won the fight, but part of the problem was, he was fighting on a “Mexican” card, where you had guys like Salido slugging it out. Tevin is a more technical style of boxing. And he was victimized by being on that kind of card. If that’s the case, that’s not right either. It was my mother’s 84th birthday, so I wasn’t in Las Vegas that night. I watched it without the sound, which is what I like to do. I scored it the same way as Harold Lederman and the HBO commentators: Nine rounds for Tevin.